Smarter WiFi FAQ's

How much does Social WiFi cost?

Smarter WiFi packages start from £25 a month, per access point. This provides you with branded social login pages, a demonstration of how to use the portals, integration with Mailchimp and TripAdvisor and more! For full list of benefits of Social WiFi visit our packages section on the home page.


Does my business need WiFi already installed?

Having a broadband set up already is easy to deal with and makes our install process quicker. However, if your business does not offer WiFi, we at Smarter WiFi have direct links with broadband suppliers to find you the best deal!


How will I know if my business will benefit?

WiFi has been increasingly important to many customers, with customers choosing where to shop and eat based on the WiFi available. All business types will benefit from a social WiFi package. There are a staggering 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, with the worldwide total growing by 288 million since this time last year. Using Social WiFi will benefit your business by increasing your online presence, attracting more customers and provide you with a competitive advantage. For more benefits read our ‘What is Social WiFi’ blog


Can I change splash pages and promotions myself?

Yes, once one of our specialists has given you a tour of our portal and all the elements you will be able to change and add whatever you like!


Does Social WiFi work for small businesses?

Yes! All businesses can benefit from Smarter WiFi’s Social WiFi packages. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one store cafe, or a 5 site hotel chain, we’re here for anyone!


Does Social WiFi require a username and password?

No, this is where our packages are most beneficial! Your customers can login to your WiFi by recognising the WiFi network which is linked to your business name, and simply log on with their social media profile or registration form and that’s it! It couldn’t be simpler.


Can Smarter WiFi install WiFi networks as well as Social WiFi?

Yes we can. If your business needs a complete WiFi network installation then we can offer competitive prices and top of the range equipment to provide you with a reliable and robust network. This can be a stand alone package or you can combine this with our Social WiFi solution