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Your customers will instantly recognise which WiFi network to choose from.



Beautifully branded page for your customers.
Your logo, background, text, pictures, and special offers.


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Your customers are now online and enjoying being able to access the internet at their own leisure.

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    What we do for you

      Capture customer data

      Increase your social media following

      Simple integration with MailChimp

      TripAdvisor integration, increasing the number of reviews you receive

      Use of our inbuilt email and SMS distribution platform

      In-depth analytics and reporting

      Portal branded to you

      Implement data or time limits

      Survey integration to collect customer feedback

      Option to redirect customers to your website

      Advertise through your WiFi

      Online safety

    What we do for your customers

      Seamless login, use email or social media profile

      Provide access to WiFi, reducing mobile data usage

      No passwords or usernames necessary

      GDPR compliant

      View adverts through the WiFi

      Allows customer to engage with your business

      Receive exclusive offers

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